Aaron Finch smashed 26 runs off Mohammad Irfan over in Sydney T20I

Aaron Finch smashed 26 runs off Mohammad Irfan over in Sydney T20I

Aaron Finch smashed 26 runs off Mohammad Irfan over in Sydney T20I (Pic Source: Twitter)

The first T20i between Australia and Pakistan was no result because of rain. In this match, Australia won the toss and invited Pakistan to bat first. In the 13th over of Pakistan inning, the rain came and the match was reduced to 15 overs per side. Team Pakistan scored 107 runs in 15over but according to DLS method, Australia needed 119 runs to win this match. But after 3.1 over of Australia’s inning, Rain has come and the match abounded. But during this, Aaron Finch smashed 26 runs off Mohammad Irfan over.

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Mohammad Irfan came to bowl in 3rd over and Aaron Finch was on strike. Aaron Finch went for six on the first ball and after that, he hit every ball and scores 26 runs in this over.

Aaron Finch not happy with 20-minute innings break

“If you’re cutting overs off the game and you still have a 20-minute break, it doesn’t make much sense to me,” Finch said in his post-match TV interview. “When you lose a few overs and then you still have a 20-minute break… I thought that was really interesting. But it’s part of the rules and you can’t do much about it.”

Clause 11.4.2 of the playing conditions states “… following a lengthy delay or interruption prior to the completion of the innings of the team batting first, the Match Referee may, at his discretion, reduce the interval between innings from 20 minutes to not less than 10 minutes.”

“We asked the question, what the changeover would have been, and it remains the same so we were aware of that and can’t change it,” Carey said. “The boys did a great job getting the start, just a shame it was probably five minutes too late.

“It’s disappointing to be so close, but it’s part of the game. It’s one of the things we can’t change. The spectators would have liked a result, but we understand it. Good or bad, it’s part of it.”

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