Adequate Investigation of Test players regarding bio secure bubble protocols by Indian Cricket Board

Adequate Investigation of Test players regarding bio secure bubble protocols by Indian Cricket Board

Rohit Sharma (Pic Source: Twitter)

An unexpected incident caught up In the Indian campaign as some of the players were found in demolishing the bio secure protocols as they found in Melbourne Restaurant. In this scenario, these kind of acts are not digested and players are breaking the rules.

Players like Shubman Gill, Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant, Navdeep Saini and Prithvi Shaw were involved in this and found to be dined at Restaurant named BBQ restaurant at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

As Australia is now facing another peak of coronavirus scare which eventually made them to exit the third test from Sydney. The investigation also propagated that these troupe were visited on New Year’s day.

Even another proof strikes back where one of the Indian fan Navaldeep Singh, claimed that he has paid $118.69 bill for these players and posted a photo on the social media.

With this investigating proofs, Indian Cricket Board is inspecting the whole scenario to navigate the actual led back.

The video which was posted was marched to a viewers of 177.000 times spectated which has been spread vigorously. These bio secure protocols were made for the players for their secure health and prospects and to highly maintain the decline phase of coronavirus scare and if these rules are breached then it is morally decreasing the efforts of the Government and association.

Jeannette Young, Queensland chief health officer and Yvette D’Ath, Health Minister have requested the localities to consider their allowances to travel the Victoria and NSW.

“While we are not changing any restrictions to NSW and Victoria at this stage, as we have seen things can change really quickly with this virus, so I continue to urge the Queenslanders travelling to these state to reassess their plans- if it is not necessary, then consider staying here,” said by Dr.Young.

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“We consider health and safety first and foremost, but we also need to think about well being and jobs and the economy,” said by Berejiklian

With this maximising case of coronavirus now the Cricket Australia, has announced of only 50% spectators in the stadium for the Test cricket between India and Australia.

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