Aleem Dar’s sprint amuses everyone

Aleem Dar’s sprint amuses everyone

Aleem Dar’s sprint amuses everyone(Pic Source: Twitter)

Umpiring is not an easy task as you have to be astute minded and focused all the time along with doing all the maths of field restrictions and over calculations. One can say that Umpiring is a game of angles as every decision that you make on the field is very much dependent on which angle you are standing at. That’s why we have two umpires on the field to cover every minute of the information.

You often see players leaping and flying in the field and sometimes these action-filled moments freeze in our memory for the time immemorial.Sometimes along with players Umpires are also in urgency while standing on the field and they need to take evasive action to avoid the unwanted.

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Such incidents might be the moment of run-outs when the umpires had to sway away from the line of the ball or a straight shot by a batsman that is heading towards the umpire.

One such moment witnessed in Sydney in the third Test match between New Zealand and Australia. On Day 3 of the match Pakistan-born umpire Aleem Dar pulled off a crazy stunt that can force even the best athlete to hide their faces. The moment come just after the lunch on day 3, when in the 56th over of the New Zealand innings, the Australian spinner Nathan Lyon opted for a leg side field for New Zealand batsman Glenn Phillips, just when Lyon was about to deliver the ball, Dar, who was standing at square-leg, sprinted towards point with all his heart and in a flash he changed his ends. Before anyone could have realised, Dar passed between the stumps and the batsman to make it point within seconds.

That sprint reminded everyone of Usain Bolt, World’s fastest athlete, as Shane Warne, the legendary spinner who was on commentary box was quite impressed and said, “That was some serious pace from Aleem Dar.” Dar’s Usain Bolt moment invoked a lot of laughter among the audience and Dar himself also ended up laughing at his remarkable sprint.

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