Ambati Rayudu finally reacts on his 3D tweet

Ambati Rayudu finally reacts on his 3D tweet

Ambati Rayudu finally reacts on his 3D tweet (Pic Source : Twitter)

When team India’s world cup 2019 team was selected then no Ambati Rayudu in the Squad. Selector gave a chance to Vijay Shankar and said that he was a three dimensional player after this, Ambati Rayudu tweeted and Wrote, “I Just order 3D glass for the world cup.” After taking a u-turn from retirement, He reacts on his tweet.

Reacting to the 3D tweet for the first time ever, Ambati Rayudu has said that he had no regrets about it. “Not at all. If it comes down to such things…I don’t know how to put it, but I don’t think that would’ve played any part. And if it did, I can’t imagine what cricketers must be going through honestly.”

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“As for social media, it has never been my go-to. It hasn’t ever interested me. I’ve always felt that I’m very happy about being simple and natural. I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, that fame or being in front of the media has never interested me. My love for the sport and what I enjoy doing on the ground is what drives me to play the sport. All the frills and glamour that comes with it don’t interest me.”

“I was very disappointed. I mean, anyone would be because I had worked so hard for it. I was very prepared for that specific role at No.4, but maybe their idea of No.4 might have changed all of a sudden. Maybe they just wanted something else… I’m not too sure. It was very disappointing, but I’m sure they must have had some combinations or plans in mind. I was actually very, very prepared for playing the World Cup, to be honest.”

Rayudu also felt that he was really unfortunate to have missed out on the premier tournament. “I had actually played quite well. You can’t play well in every match. It’s not possible. It’s just that…I was batting well throughout that phase. I don’t know… I just feel unfortunate to have missed out.”

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