Ben Stokes gets hit in the abdomen

Ben Stokes gets hit in the abdomen

Ben Stokes(Pic source : Twitter)

The second Ashes test between England versus Australia was ended with a draw. The Rain spoiled many session of the game that could affect the match result.

For England, Ben Stokes played outstandingly well with both bat and ball. He took a five-wicket haul and scored a century in the second inning. Ben Stokes gets hit in the abdomen by Josh Hazlewood’s delivery. Ben stokes awarded with the player of the match award.

Here The video

Australian captain gave an update on Steven Smith’s injury.

Tim Paine said, “[Smith] is OK. Really nasty knock, he felt OK yesterday but woke up not feeling at his best, so the decision was made to leave him out. Steve passed all his tests, he deteriorated overnight, he re-tested, they weren’t as good this morning, and the professionals made that call. He’ll need to improve [to play at Headingley] but too early to tell. Really pleasing to see [Labuschagne] do that – to get 150ks in the face and then stand up was really pleasing.”

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“We’ve seen Jofra in Australia for a few years; we know the package he brings to the table. It’s up to us as a team to formulate some plans. Look, I can only see what I’ve seen. [On Root’s catch] As cricketers, you drive forward, you catch those balls, in Joe’s position I’d say I’d caught that and that’s the way it goes. Part of becoming a good team is being able to get draws out of days like today.”

stats mania (credit -Deepu Narayanan)

Most successive Tests without a draw in a country

25 Sri Lanka (2014-19) *

20 England (2016-19)

19 South Africa (2016-19) *

19 Zimbabwe (2004-2018)

17 South Africa (2006-09)

16 Australia (1948-53)

16 Australia (1977-79)

16 Sri Lanka (2001-02)

* Ongoing sequences

+ time-bound Tests only

Most successive Tests without a draw for England

22 between 1884-92

18 between 1894-99

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