Bizarre call from the field umpire, which shocked cricket world

Bizarre call from the field umpire, which shocked cricket world

Bizarre call from the field umpire, which shocked cricket world (Pic Source : Twitter)

Umpiring quality in the past couple of years is in controversial mode, a wrong decision from field umpire sometimes causes effects on the match result, which brought a lot of questions on decision-making ability of umpire among cricket fans.
Recently, during a Test match played between Australia and Pakistan in Brisbane, the umpires were found missing 21 no-balls during the match. This situation we came up of is from International cricket matches, what about condition of umpiring in Home cricket. Here we have a video of an umpire giving a bizarre call.

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A bizarre decision from the umpire:-

During the time when quality of umpiring is being criticised everywhere, there comes another incident in which match officials has left everyone in shock.

This incident happened during a match when the batsman tried to play a reverse sweep shot against the spinner. He missed the ball that directly went and hit into his pads. The bowler along with the fielders did an appeal for lbw. In that particular time umpire looks completely unaware, and without thinking for a single minute he imposes his decision by giving wide which seems plumb lbw because it is visible that the ball had clearly hit the batsman’s pad and also batsman was deep in the crease. The decision from the umpire also left everyone on the ground in shock, eventually they started laughing on this stupid decision.

Certain amendment is expected during this IPL:-

We all have in our memory that last year during an IPL match the on-field umpire S Ravi missed a no-ball that was bowled by Lasith Malinga in a very close match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers, this particular decision cost RCB that match, which makes Virat Kohli really angry and after this game, Virat shared his view of concern on the mindset of field umpire.  

There were many incidents happened in the previous season because of which IPL governing council has come up with some major amendments in the rules and also introduced a new policy for the upcoming season.

They have come onto a decision to take away the front foot no-ball calls away from the on-field umpires. Also, ICC is set to draw a new system according to which T.V. umpire will check the no-balls during the games and the trial is set to begin from the series between West Indies and India that will start from next month. These all steps are taken by the respective authorities to minimise the error during the match because sometimes it becomes the main factor between a win or a defeat.

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