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David warner reveals about Kane Williamson’s future to the SRH Fan


With the huge success of IPL2020, Mumbai Indians was the team who lifted the trophy and defended their title again, as they were the only team who seems to be controlled in this tournament. All the four teams present in the playoff were in the competitive state and played some good cricket whereas the SRH was the only side who dig out the playoff spot in a victorious way. In the first half of IPL2020 they were standing on the bottom of the list and with a tremendous win over the top 3 teams of the season i.e. Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals made them to qualify for the playoffs.

However with the end of IPL2020 BCCI is more focused towards the IPL 2021 for regaining the financial spot and achieving constant success of this league tournament. As per the sources it was also reported that there will be ninth franchise in the next tournament, if this happens then there will be a mega-auction which will result in formation of new players with adequate team. With assuming the present scenario fans were in anxiety and concerned about the fate of Kane Williamson in the SRH Camp. Kane Williamson was brilliant in this season as single handedly he fetched the game for SRH and made them to arrive in Qualifier-2.

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Conversation with Kane Williamson topic and David Warner

Fans are concerned about the mega auction as due to this condition, could SRH lose Kane Williamson from the SRH Squad. Same as that case one of the fan asked David Warner regarding the fate of Kane Williamson. The New Zealand skipper had been in and out circumstances in this season made some crucial and hot topic for the future discussion.

A conversation was there in between the fan and SRH skipper-

One of the fan asked to Warner “sir is that true that next year there will be a mega auction and they saying that there is the chances of losing @kane_s_w in SRH Team is that true”. With this tweet Warner replied clearly and tweeted back “we will not lose him” which states that they aren’t going to lose Williamson. As, it is well known fact that without Warner in 2018 tournament Williamson led the team and made them as runner-ups so it is clear that SRH won’t lose New Zealand skip.

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