Delhi HC dismisses plea challenging IPL auction

Delhi HC dismisses plea challenging IPL auction

Delhi HC dismisses plea challenging IPL auction(pic source : IPLT20)

A man filed a petition to ban IPL auction by saying that it was the violation of human trafficking in Delhi HC. But, Delhi HC dismissed his petition and fined Rs 25,000.

A bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar dismissed the plea by Sudhir Sharma stating that it is “not a Public Interest Litigation but a ‘Publicity Interest Litigation”.

“Playing for these teams, in fact, raised their prestige,” the bench added.

The petition mentioned that the corruption is prevailing through open bidding, selling and auctioning of humans (i.e. cricket players) in “a glaring violation of the law and the legal system” which promotes human selling, bidding, auctioning, etc. in ‘flagrant violation of the law.

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“This, public interest litigation is for having failed to regulate, ban, stop and curb the menace of human bidding, selling through auctioning, vis-a-vis players in utter irrational, illegal manner with unreasonable, arbitrary, reckless, unbridled, highly irresponsible attitude and working of Government, BCCI, IPL administrative committee and all teams’ management, which promote corruption, nepotism and human trafficking by selling of players through open bidding on national television by broadcasting on almost all the channels and other media platforms and also on print media,” the plea reads.

“The auctioneer is generally not the seller, but the agents of the goods (i.e. the players) and the whole system indulge in illegal activity, i.e. the sale of human/ people in open bidding/auction etc. on national TV channels and through different media modes. Along with goods sold (i.e. the players) the agents are getting huge money, which is more than ₹1,000 crore, and also international Currency abroad, and is a big source of money laundering etc. and in making a huge gap of rich and poor and accumulating money through this illegal act of human bidding, selling and auctioning etc,” the plea further added.

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