Disappointed by the comment given by Queensland Minister said by BCCI

Disappointed by the comment given by Queensland Minister said by BCCI

Disappointed by the comment given by Queensland Minister said by BCCI (Pic Source: Twitter)

The twist and turns are rolling everyday in the tale of India and Australian series, whether it is related to the match results or it is related to the protocols genres. With every conspiracies, now visitors are in the phase of disappointment by the comment phrased by Queensland Minister. This making the BCCI in a shade of disrespectful manner and thus leading them to light phase of co-operation now.

Whole the scenario was cooked up when the squad members of visitors disagreed with again going for quarantine ahead of the fourth test.

This situation is being more worse with days going on and now creating a huge back between both Indian and Australian management. With this comment, now BCCI is thinking to trim the whole four match test series into three match test series by cancelling the Brisbane Test.

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In reference to the statement given by Queensland Minister Ross Bates, now BCCI said if their management and the members didn’t want to follow the quarantine norms then their vice captain Rohit Sharma wouldn’t go for that 14 days quarantine period which made him unavailable from the second test match.

“The statement made by the public representative portrays Indians in poor light and let me assure you, we do not want to do anything other than to abide by the rules, and Rohit Sharma’s strict quarantine is a case in point”.

“To try and propagate a view that we don’t wish to follow the rules is unacceptable and the tone and tenor, in which it was said seemed rife with hostility and bordered on racism. It is therefore not a surprise that a rethink is on the cards. If a representative of the public does not want us there, it is hurtful and the last thing we want is to upset the Australian fans who have given us so much love and support over the years”.

“We do not wish to make it difficult for them or for Cricket Australia,” officially stated by BCCI source to Times of India.

Comment by Health Minister

“If the Indian cricket team wants to spit the dummy and disregard quarantine guidelines in Brisbane for the fourth test, then they shouldn’t come”.

“If Indians don’t want to play by the rules, don’t come”, quoted by Ross Bates.

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