Guess! Suresh Raina’s favourite Indian fielder

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Suresh Raina (Pic Source: Twitter)

With the rise of limited overs cricket in the form of One-day internationals and T20, the modern Cricket has changed a lot. These formats have changed the complexion of the games with batsmen becoming more dangerous, bowlers becoming cleverer, fitness becoming more important and fielding becoming one of the most required skillsets.

In the modern Cricket fitness is becoming as important for selection as anything. A fit player can play, field better than his counterparts. Fit players like Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kohli, Ben Stokes, Kane Williamson play an important role while fielding in the outfield.

Suresh Raina, the left-handed veteran, is one of the finest fielders India has ever produced. Apart from being a prolific batsman, Raina marshalled the cover and cover-point region quite well during his international career.

Recently, on a show, Suresh Raina was asked to pick his favourite Indian fielder. And surprisingly Raina picked Ajinkya Rahane as his favourite when everyone was expecting Jadeja to be the one. According to Raina, Ajinkya Rahane’s better catching skills and flexibility of his body sets him apart from rest of the pack.

“Ajinkya Rahane has better catching skills. I always love his positions while fielding. He has a different kind of power. His body can bend when he moves, that is very different from the rest,” Suresh Raina said during a show on Youtube channel SportScreen.

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According to Raina, one other thing about Rahane is his sixth sense and ability to read batsman’s footwork from behind the stumps. This anticipation enables Rahane to react early, which is the most of the times while fielding in slips.

“He is a very good slip fielder, he judges the batsman’s movement from behind and anticipates, which is very important as the distance is not much between the slip fielder and batsman. He also practices like that so it makes it easier during matches,” Raina further added.

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