Have you ever seen a bigger mix up than this?

Have you ever seen a bigger mix up than this?

Have you ever seen a bigger mix up than this?(Pic source : Twitter)

Many of players got Run-out by the mix up in each other combination. The cricket paper posted a video n twitter, in that video they have shown one of the worst mix up between two players and one player got run out. The cricket paper wrote a caption on this video, “Have you ever seen a bigger mix-up?” Today the Cricket Paper retweeted this tweet and wrote a caption, “This is how Steve Smith gets out at Lord’s.”

In the first Ashes test, Steven Smith was the main reason behind Australia’s win. Smith scored centuries in both innings of the first Ashes Test. Currently, the Second Ashes test is going at Lord’s. If England wants to win the second test and level the series, they need to take the wicket of Steven Smith.

Here the Video of Mix-up:-


Before the Second test, England Captain revels that how can they take the wicket of Steven smith.

“It’s something you’ve got to look past,” Root said at Lord’s. “A lot of what he does is try to put you off in a way, trying to make it look extremely different, so you have to think way outside the box. You look at his dismissals over some time; it’s not far away from everyone else’s, the movements before and after it might look slightly different.

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“You’re always looking at different ways how you can try and get someone out. I think maybe one thing that could have done slightly better, me personally as captain, was stick to a plan for a little bit longer, give it a chance to work a little bit more. However, he did play well. I think it was 18 times early on in that first innings he played and missed,” Joe Rood added.

“It could have been very different. In some ways, that’s a sign that plans are working. We’ve just got to be a little bit more patient with it. And he’s got to start again this week … a new challenge, new wicket, different atmosphere. It’s just really clear on how we want to go about it. When we got to a plan we’ve got to be really ruthless with it, stick to it, make sure if we’re not getting him out we’re containing him, and building pressure on him at the other end,” Joe Root said.

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