High level towards popularity by Major Cricket League

High level towards popularity by Major Cricket League

High level towards popularity by Major Cricket League (Pic Source : Twitter)

With the enhancement growing in the advancement of the cricketing sports more investors are marching towards cricket to create huge profit and fame. This creates huge popularity base among the fans across the world. With this approach many investors and celebrities has entered in the sports to run the team and now the same way Tech Giant CEO Satya Nadella is taking his step forward to cricket.

He is putting his money to the U.S based cricket league called Major Cricket League which is set to commence from 2022. It is said that he is going to buy team Seattle which has major role in enhancing the youth towards cricket.

Satya Nadella is said to be more interested in cricket since childhood. Even in 2018, a partnership was created between Anil Kumble and Microsoft for the interest towards the spirit of the game.

Maximised Popularity in the Global Leagues.

Each country is following their own league games which is putting great popularity base. Talking about India’s league which started as inaugural season in 2008 that is Indian Premier League which has now gained enough support from the fans over the years.

The same way now America is looking to gain maximum support for the global league, their attempts were failed when they tried out in 2009.

With the involvement of big stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla with Jay Mehta is putting a step forward to buy a franchise in the American league, as they already have team in the Indian league and as well in Caribbean League.

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Major Cricket League

With his step towards American league will lead a huge success in the coming times. With his CEO of Red Chillies Entertainment and KKR, Venky Mysore trying to buy franchise in the league which will make development of sports in United States.

It is said that Shah Rukh Khan is buying team which will be play in Major Cricket League out of those six teams. He is buying team based on Los Angeles. The other teams will be San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Chicago and Washington D.C.

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