Hilarious moment seen in the Galle Test; ICC mocks Sri Lankan management

Hilarious moment seen in the Galle Test

Hilarious moment seen in the Galle Test (Pic Source : Twitter)

A moment of joy and funny stuffs are always surrounded in the cricketing sports whether it came up with players or through any natural or abnormal instance, it is quite normal nowadays. The same is like that presence of animals in the ground is also quite unusual thing which happens but yeah it is quite normal now.

We have seen this kind of scenario many times when birds come and sit on the ground and interrupt the match or entering dog into the ground during the IPL-2009. Like that same incident was came to see jn the Galle Test between Sri-Lanka and England.

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When England was batting, Cameraman found an unusual thing in the ground and that was monitor lizard, which was sitting next behind the boundary line. Even the photo was posted by ICC in their official account.

ICC posted a photo on Sunday night and the photo suggested by trolling Sri-Lankan team by playing with one more extra fielder on the ground which went on a viral post within a short span of time.

Young spinner Lasith Embuldeniya took careers best figure of 7 wickets in the first innings.  England have won the test series with 2-0

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