‘Hope! some shop is open, going to get a beer tonight’ Ravi Shastri after Govt. eases restrictions on Liquor

‘Hope! some shop is open, going to get a beer tonight’ Ravi Shastri after Govt. eases restrictions on Liquor

Ravi Shastri (pic Source: Twitter)

COVID-19 has shown that if a pandemic hit, human beings have no place for hiding even in the technically advance world. The Virus originated form Wuhan city of China has forced the world to stay inside closed doors.

The World Economy is going through its worst phase. The markets have hit their lowest points and with them has gone down the market values of business organizations.

After the two successive complete lockdowns of 21 and 19 days respectively, Indian government has divided the whole country in three zones- Green Zone, Orange Zone and Red Zone, depending on the number of cases. With that, Indian government has finally started easing restrictions on the business activities in Green and Orange Zones.

The government has also started the liquor and Vine shops with additional taxes to give some boost to the economy. In last couple of days, social media have flooded with the videos and photos of people standing in the long queues to buy liquor. For last 40 days of lockdown, People have been craving for the liquor. Even those who keep ample stock, have finished their stocks, sitting at home and with little work to do.

Even Indian men’s cricket team coach Ravi Shastri looked quite desperate for the beer. “With the lockdown now, I’m past the red zone and am currently in the orange zone in Alibaug. I’m going to get a beer tonight, am sure there will be some shop open,” Ravi Shastri told India Today.

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Ravi is well known for his love of liquor since his playing days. The Indian all-rounder also picked his quarantine party partner’s in this lockdown as he said, “Siva (Laxman Sivaramakrishnan), Roger (Binny) will be on the top of the list. And if I had to get 2 guys to get a beer with me I’m sure Roger would have joined me and so would Siva.”

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