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‘I tell him ‘you’re like my wife’ Dhawan on opening partnership with Vijay


In the year 2020, the world has already witnessed a lot of ups and downs so far. From the Wild fire in Amazons and Australian forests to novel Corona Virus pandemic, the World is going through its worst ever phase since Second-World War. The international travels have been barred and every outdoor activity along with the all the sports has also stopped.

The players are now keeping themselves busy by interacting with their fans on social media. The only good thing that has gone well in sports world is that the fans are enjoying this unprecedented break and chance to interact with their most loved sports personalities. While some of the Cricketers have resorted to making fun videos and Q&A session with their fans, others have conducted live sessions and interviews with their mates to give more insights about their lives on and off the field.

Recently, R Ashwin, on his Instagram live show ‘Reminiscize with Ash’, called upon his Indian team-mate Shikhar Dhawan. In the session, Dhawan, who is a funny character off and on the field, revealed a number of interesting things about Ashwin’s Tamil Nadu team-mate, Murali Vijay.

After the departure of Sehwag and Gambhir, the Dhawan-Vijay duo formed a solid opening partnership in Tests for India. In their prime (2013-2018), the duo shared a number of memorable partnerships up the order for India and shared a great camaraderie.

Praising Murli Vijay for the person he is, Dhawan said, “He is a lovely character both on and off the field. I know him very closely. He is a beautiful soul. For everything, he is a bit like ‘not like this, not like that’. I am a ‘bindaas’ character.”

Dhawan also went nostalgic about the light-hearted arguments they had in the heat of the game especially when running between the wickets.

“I tell him ‘you’re like my wife’. Sometimes, when we don’t take a run, we argue but it gets sorted soon. And it’s very difficult to understand him. You need to have a calm mind and patience to understand him. But he is a lovely chap. I love opening with him. We have done very well for the country. We are still very good friends. Of course, I look forward to spending time with him and having a good laugh with him. Sometimes, when he says something, I don’t understand. But after 1-2 years, when I recall what he said, I understand it then”, Dhawan summarized.

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Like every other story, the Dhawan-Vijay partnership witnessed the dusk in 2018, when the duo failed miserably in the Test series in England. After that, the duo has been waiting on the fringes and given the age constraints, it’s highly unlikely we will get to watch the duo together in Whites again.



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