ICC to Reduce the length of Test Matches to 4 days

ICC to Reduce the length of Test Matches to 4 days

ICC to Reduce the length of Test Matches to 4 days(Pic Source: Twitter)

In the last 10 or 12 years, it seems that Test cricket has lost its value. Major reasons behind this are rapid increase in no of Domestic T20 leagues, demand of BCCI for more bilateral series and people taking less interest in Test cricket. To revive Test cricket, ICC has started Test Championship but it’s not enough. There is need of some more changes in the longest format of the game.

Having these in mind and to ease the busy schedule of World Cricket Calendar, ICC is considering to reduce the length of test matches to 4 days, with 98 overs in a single day instead of 90 overs at present. In this way, we will lose only 58 overs in a test match. And with this change a lot of money and time can be saved.

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The changes in the longest format will take place from next cycle from 2023 to 2031.

It is known to everyone that nowadays test matches get concluded on day 3 or day 4 itself. So in almost all cases, day 5 goes in vain.

If we look at calendar of 2015 to 2023 cycle, a total of 335 days could be saved if the test matches were of 5 days instead of 4 days.

There have been a few 4 days test matches in the past. One was between England and Ireland earlier this year and another one was played between South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2017.

Speaking about this Cricket Australia CEO Kevin Roberts told SEN Radio, “It is something that we have got to seriously consider this week. It is something that can’t be driven by emotion, but it needs to be driven by fact. We need to look at what’s the average length of Test matches over the past five-ten years in terms of time and overs,”

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