I’m getting it wrong: Tim Paine about his DRS decision

Tim Paine DRS

I'm getting it wrong: Tim Paine about his DRS decision(Pic Source : Twitter)

Australia have lost the second test because they couldn’t use DRS at the right time. Every time Australian captain and wicket-keeper Tim Pine fails to use DRS properly. In the ongoing Ashes test, against the DRS creates blunder for Tim Paine. During the 45th over of England inning, Mitchell Marsh bowled an inswinger, and England opener failed to play the ball, and Australia appealed for the LBW and umpire denied it. But Tim Paine took the DRS and lost the review.

“I’m getting it wrong,” said a tetchy Paine. “I don’t know what else to say. We’re having a mare (nightmare). We’ve got it wrong. We’re having a mare. We’ve got it wrong. We’re not deliberately getting together and saying, ‘Gee I reckon that’s out Gaz (Lyon), do you want to refer it? Nah, let’s let him keep batting’.

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“It’s fast,” he added. “It’s a tough job as I’ve said throughout the whole Test series. I’ve got a new respect for umpiring, particularly in Test cricket because it’s a hard job. For years players whinged about umpiring, and now we’ve got it in our hands a little bit, and we’re finding that it’s hard.”

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“The only thing that’s been a bit upsetting this Test match is our catching and our referrals, but that’s not anything new,” he added. He described his top-scorer Steve Smith as a “freak” after he took a stunning diving slip catches late on to see the back of Chris Woakes.

“Cricketers like him, I think Stokes is the same, they’re just in the contest and in the game all the time,” he said. That’s what makes great cricketers great because they’re always in the contest, they’re still aware of what’s happening. It was a pretty special catch.”

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