Indian Player mimics Ishant Sharma gestures

Indian Player mimics Ishant Sharma gestures

Jasprit Bumrah (Pic Source : Twitter)

With the on going Test series between India and Australia, entertainment is leading on its way also. Players not only play the match but they constantly keeps themselves to entertain the fans also and this time Jasprit Bumrah imitate Steven Smith batting stance.

In the third test match between both the sides which is played at SCG, Bumrah acts by imitating the way Steven Smith does like that funny stance of shoulders. Whenever Smith comes to field, he definitely keeps some unorthodox way to his best stance, whether it is batting or fielding something innovative he always create. Some may be odd the incident where his comeback was booed by the crowd during Ashes 2019.

Imitation by Jasprit Bumrah

During the third test match, the first day of session the batting stance was just seen like the way he narrated in the documentary presented in Amazon Prime “Left pad, right pad, box tap in the middle, two behind my foot look up..”.

This was the batting stance created by Smith which was hilarious to watch. In the first day of match, visitors had gave early breakthrough of David Warner but was struggling to get the breakthrough in the middle as Will Pucovski and Marnus Labuschagne were building the inning with ease and in a strong position. Smith was also upto usual the way he was. Talking about the run-up Bumrah created a hilarious face by shook his shoulders the exact way Steven Smith does.

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The same incident was took place back in 2017 where Ishant Sharma trolled Steven Smith on the field by imitating a funny face.

“It was quite a close game, that one. People tend to do things when swayed by emotions. Often, you do anything to upset the batsman, with either remarks or actions. Whatever I could do to upset him, I would just do that. Smith also tends to upset the bowlers a lot. We knew back then and even now if we dismissed him, we could go on to win the match,” recalled by Ishant Sharma.

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