Indian Premier League 2021 to be conducted after April 10th

Indian Premier League 2021 to be conducted after April 10th

Indian Premier League 2021 to be conducted after April 10th [Pic Source :]

After the very successful conduction of IPL 13, BCCI is focusing on another edition in a quick succession to recover from the losses they gained through outbreak of COVID. It is yet to launch the dates for the Indian Premier League 2021. Only announcement that came to notice that of the England tour of India which could happen from February. So it is likely that IPL will be conducted after the England series. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has only approved the series with England that consists of Four tests, three ODIs and five T20Is which will played in India.

This would be the longest series played between both the sides. The series will commence from the Red ball cricket which will take place from 5th February 2021 that is the opening test to be played ay Chennai. The test series will conclude on 8th March 2021. Afterwards both the sides will march towards the T20I series starting from 12th March to 20th March. The last series will be played between both the sides is of ODIs series which will conclude on 28th March 2021.

With this long series, players will likely to be given rest ahead of Indian Premier League 2021. It is supposed that there will be a break of 10 days for all the players to join up for the IPL season. So it is keen that IPL might be scheduled around the second week of April 2021. The proposed date for the start of the tournament could be from 10th April 2021. So that every players could get some rest and be ready for their respective franchises. Due to this there will be adequate time for mega auction also if it occurs. It is also in the notes that BCCI is planning to add two more franchises to the next edition which will be decided in the coming meeting scheduled on 24th December 2020.

Indian Premier League 2021 New Team: BCCI will take the decision on the inclusion of new teams in AGM conducted on 24th December 2020, Ahmadabad could likely to be the team in the next season.

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If the BCCI agrees with the inclusion of the new teams in the AGM session which is scheduled on 24th December then it is likely that Ahmadabad team will be the new team for the Indian Premier League 2021. The discussion for the addition of two new teams will be approved only in the meeting session. The meeting will be take place between the organisations holders and the representatives of the associated panels.

According to the reports given by Inside Sport, Ahmadabad could be the one team in the Indian Premier League 2021 and if the proposal for the second team approves then Lucknow/Kanpur, Pune could be the second team for the IPL 2021 or 2022.

And if the BCCI cancels the proposal for the two new teams in the IPL season then Ahmadabad will be the franchise which will be included in the next edition of Indian Premier League.

According to Times Now, IPL 2021 can take place possibly at only 3 venues and it can be played in Maharashtra if situation doesn’t improve.

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