IPL could soon be extended to 10-team competition instead of 8

IPL 2020

IPL could soon be extended to 10-team competition instead of 8(pic source : Twitter)

Indian Premier League is the biggest cricket carnival in the world cricket. Everyone wants to take part in IPL. So IPL governing council is thinking about to add two new Teams in Indian premier league 2020. IPL could be extended to 10 teams completion next year.

Reports in TOI revealed that the Adani Group, the RPG-Sanjeev Goenka Group, the Tatas and some other corporate houses are likely to be the top bidders as the IPL plans to expand from eight to ten teams.

“The plan is ready. Expansion is a certainty. What needs to be worked out is the tender process and how to go about it. Expect things to fall in place soon, certainly before the next IPL edition. There’s space for it and it’s a natural progression. The IPL is at a juncture right now where it will need to expand for multiple reasons — consumption is top-most. Expect digital revenues to triple in the next rights season. With Tests and ODI championships’ cycles falling in place, the international calendar will be far more regularised,” inside sources were quoted as saying to TOI.

BCCI CEO Rahul Johri in London and he has held a meeting between owners of the IPL franchises and other stakeholders but did not give any further details about this.

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“We discussed increasing the number of teams, but it was an informal discussion. Anyway, the teams don’t have the authority to decide on the matter, the BCCI will have to take a call, but we are open to the idea,” a team official, who attended the meeting in London, told PTI.

Another official also confirmed that the IPL expansion was discussed in the meeting.

“There was a discussion, but it was done at an informal level. There is no concrete plan as of now on how to go about it. More teams will lead to more games, which could mean a bigger scheduling window. So, all of that needs to be worked out,” said the official.

Ahmedabad and Pune will be the two new teams in the IPL 2020. In 2011 IPL, ten teams participated, but after 2014 only the eight teams compete in IPL. Kochi Tuskers Kerala and Pune Various India were those teams who were the part of IPL in the past when the ten teams would participate in the Indian premier league.

4 thoughts on “IPL could soon be extended to 10-team competition instead of 8

  1. No need of two more teams in IPL 2019 or
    Up coming years .
    Because of the talented players will come more and more, if we get two more teams then players many think about that they get place in the squad . Players will do hardwork .And IPL is the best tournament in the world

  2. No need of two more teams in IPL 2019 or up coming IPl seasons
    Because of we will get more and more talented. If we get two more teams in IPL , players think about that they will get place in squad . And players will not do hardwork.
    IPL is the best tournament in the world


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