IPL franchises are prepared for call-off as the condition worsens

IPL franchises are prepared for call-off as the condition worsens

IPL franchises are prepared for call-off as the condition worsens(Pic Source: Twitter)

Recently, the World Health Organisation declared CoVID-19 a pandemic. Indian Government has suspended visas of all the foreign nationals till 15th of April. Many tournaments have been either postponed or cancelled by the Sports Ministry. Keeping all these things in mind, earlier BCCI suspended the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League, which was all set to commence on 29th March, till 15th April.

Now, if latest reports are to be believed, the IPL franchises are working 24*7 with BCCI to make IPL 2020 happen. But at the same time, somewhere in their sub-conscious minds, it is also going on that the marquee tournament might get cancelled as well as the condition worsens.  

“We are having a conference call today in the evening and we will discuss the situation, but just look around. Schools, colleges, malls, theatres have all been closed. In fact, even gyms have closed now after the fresh directive from the health department. So, in such a scenario, it is only obvious that we might get to a situation where the league may have to be called off for a season,” an official was quoted as saying to a news outlet.

Another official told the reporters that in the meeting with BCCI, it was one and all decided that safety is the first priority and on that count the BCCI and the franchises are in accord.

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“See, we will be having basic loses of around Rs 15-20 crore which comes with paying salaries and other things that come with the successful organization of the league. But there are other loses as well like those that come from merchandise sales etc. While tickets and all are insured, these are loses which the franchises will have to bear if the tournament doesn’t happen. But then, we all realise that nothing beats human safety,” the official said.

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