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IPL GC to review sponsorship deals amid Indo- China Border tension


In the aftermath of Bloodshed at India-China border on 15th June, the demand to boycott China and Chinese Products is on rise in India. After India lost 20 of its brave hearts in a coward attack by Chinese Army on the night of 15th June, not only the people of India but also the Indian Government have vowed to boycott China and its products.

From cancelling various tenders of China based companies to boycotting the Chinese products locally, India is all set to learn China a lesson this time. Acting the same ground, the IPL Governing Council (GC) has also convened a meeting next week to “review various sponsorship deals” for the mega tournament.

VIVO, a China based mobile company, has been the title sponsor of World’s largest Cricket League since 2015. VIVO, first bagged the title Sponsorship for two years in 2015 and then again grabbed the sponsorship for five more years (2017-2022) by paying a hefty USD 341 million.

Apart from VIVO, IPL also has an official Umpires Partner in the form of Paytm, a mobile wallet company, who grabbed the rights for a period of 2018-22. Paytm, though, is an India-based company, it’s one of the main investors is Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce company.

Amid the tension on China Border, a late tweet from IPL’s official twitter handle, on Friday, cleared that the IPL GC is going to review the IPL sponsorship deals in upcoming meeting. However, BCCI did not disclose which ones are to be reviewed.

 “Taking note of the border skirmish that resulted in the martyrdom of our brave jawans, the IPL Governing Council has convened a meeting next week to review IPL’s various sponsorship deals,” stated the tweet.

Earlier on Thursday, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal has quashed such reports by saying that Vivo would continue to be the sponsors as it’s the company who is paying us not we who are paying to the company. But he also cleared the point that Country comes first and if Government bans Chinese Companies, they will do away with the sponsorships from China.

“No, we have not decided anything on this. We need to understand the difference between helping Chinese company and their causes and taking support from Chinese companies to help India’s causes. If a Chinese company is taking money from Indian consumers and selling their phones and then India restrains them from taking that money to China and we pay taxes from it to the government, I am helping the Indian cause,” Dhumal had told Times Now.

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“For us the country comes first, everything else is immaterial. In case the government decides we have to do away with the contract, we will do it the very next day. We will support our government officials they decide to ban, we as such don’t buy any products from China, but if and when the government decided to do away with sponsorship from China, BCCI will agree with that,” he added.



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