Ishant Sharma reveals what led to a lack of success under MS Dhoni

Ishant Sharma reveals what led to a lack of success under MS Dhoni

Ishant Sharma reveals what led to a lack of success under MS Dhoni(Pic Source: Twitter)

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni are the two captains under which India has achieved a lot in this decade. Though the two stalwarts of modern Indian cricket have contrasting captaincy styles. They have taken Indian Cricket to another level.

While Dhoni achieved every ICC trophy in his reign, Kohli’s team is the most potent force in world cricket right now. Kohli is aggressive and leads from the front giving his players more freedom to express themselves, Dhoni is known for his ice-cool attitude and resource management skills.

While Dhoni led the team to unimaginable heights in white-ball cricket winning World T20, ICC world Cup and Champions Trophy, Virat Kohli’s team is No.1 for three consecutive years in red-ball cricket.

Ishant Sharma, Indian pace bowler who have played under both MS Dhoni and Kohli, gave some insight about the captaincy styles of both the stalwarts.

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Ishant Sharma revealed that under MS Dhoni they could not get success because of the lack of experience and communication also. He also blamed the rotation policy of players at that time that led to an inconsistent bowling attack. The 31-year-old speedster opined, “Look during Dhoni’s time, some of us didn’t have that much of experience. Also, the fast bowlers would be rotated a lot, that’s also a reason that consistency as a group couldn’t be achieved. If you know that you are a pool of 3-4 fast bowlers (now with Jasprit Bumrah), that increases communication. Earlier, there would be 6 to 7 bowlers, communication wasn’t there.” as quoted by India Today.

He praised Virat Kohli for removing the insecurity factor and establishing a free flow of communication among the pool that led to a better planning and success. He said, “But when Virat took over, we have all by then gained a fair amount of experience and that helped. Now when you play more, stay in that dressing room more, spend more time with the team compared to family, discussions are free and frank. And then you start enjoying when you go out there in the middle. That’s a different feeling.”

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