It was just a conversation on the phone: Faf Du Plessis

It was just a conversation on the phone: Faf Du Plessis

It was just a conversation on the phone: Faf Du Plessis(pic source : Twitter)

AB De Villiers wanted to play the ICC cricket world cup 2019. But Cricket South Africa rejected his proposal. Now South African skipper Faf Du Plessis revealed the reason for not including AB De Villiers in the World cup 2019 team.

Faf Du Plessis said,

“It was just a conversation, a phone call the night before the team got announced. It was just a ‘this is what I’m feeling’ [phone call].”

“I said to him, ‘I think it is too late, but I will check in with the coach and the selectors the next morning.’ When I spoke to the coach and the selectors, they all agreed that it was way, way too late to change the team on 99.99 percent,” he added.

“AB and I are still friends. This incident has not changed that. This is a small thing for a friendship that goes so way back. We do feel like the news came in and went through the team. It didn’t have a huge impact. There was just a discussion on clarity and on making sure everyone knows what’s going on and then it was moving on,” Faf du Plessis added.

“The team was happy to get on with business. But it is stuff like that; generally, that can give you direction in your team and give you purpose to focus on what lies ahead. I do honestly feel as a team we are still very strong, you know. The guys are still enjoying being on tour, enjoying being here. The guys are having fun. It is just performance-wise we haven’t put in the performances we need and, generally, I find that when a team starts losing two or three games, it can happen that there’s a few cracks that can appear in a team and the blame game can start,” he added.

“And I do honestly believe that we have been very far away from that. That is a strong sign of us as a team, as a culture, and that is one aspect of performance. You get culture and then you get the actual performance on the field. So it’s a positive sign that everything seems intact when it comes to that. But now it is just the performance and the skill side of cricket that needs to take over,” Faf du Plessis said.

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