Jimmy Neesham response to Pakistani Actress Sehar Shinwari

Jimmy Neesham response to Pakistani Actress Sehar Shinwari

Jimmy Neesham response to Pakistani Actress Sehar Shinwari (Pic Source : Twitter)

New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Neesham again comes in fame for a twitter conversation. In the past, he became a headline for his tweets. Now Jimmy Neesham came in popularity for a conversation with the Pakistani actress Seher Shinwari. Pakistani actress Seher Shinwari asks Jimmy Neesham to become the father of her kids on the twitter.

“Jimmy would you like to be the daddy of my future kids,” Pakistani actress on twitter and then Jimmy comes up with an epic replay and tweet, “I really feel like the emojis were unnecessary.”

Here the Tweet


New Zealand cricket team is currently travelling Sri Lanka for a series, but Jimmy Neesham is not part of this series. New Zeland drew the two-match test series after losing the first test. Three matches T20I series against Sri Lanka will start from September 06.

 “There was a montage (of the World Cup final) that played during the first Ashes Test when it was raining. I’ve seen that. It was awful. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever watched,” Jimmy Neesham after watching highlights of World Cup 2019 final.

“Every time I think about it; I remember another astronomically unlucky thing that happened. There’s about seven or eight in a row. It’s almost a little bit surreal,” he added.

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“It’s all just trying to ride the waves of that luck. You look at someone like Ben Stokes in that last five overs: was he lucky? Yeah, he was incredibly lucky, but it wasn’t lucky that he was there on 85 not out giving himself the opportunity to have that luck. That’s all you can really do is work as hard as you can to give yourself the chance to be lucky. And then you just have to shrug your shoulders and go it wasn’t our day, that day,” Neesham said

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