Jofra Archer and Tino Best indulge in a furious ‘War of Words’ on Twitter

Jofra Archer and Tino Best indulge in a furious ‘War of Words’ on Twitter

Jofra Archer and Tino Best indulge in a furious ‘War of Words’ on Twitter (Pic Source: Twitter)

The rise of Jofra Archer is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest stories in Cricket in last couple of years. After being discarded by the WICB, the young man from Barbados went on to represent England in 2019 World Cup, just one month after making debut for the England.

Apart from his bowling, the 25-year old also made headlines for his eerie tweets back in 2019. And again, in a déjà vu moment, the big man from Barbados has indulged in a heated Twitter interaction with another Windies cricketer Tino Best.

The argument started when Tino Best criticised Jofra Archer’s selection over veteran Stuart Broad for the first Test match between England and West Indies in Southampton. In the historical match, which marked the resumption of cricket after a gap of almost four months, England picked Jofra along with Mark Wood and James Anderson.

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However, Jofra Archer didn’t have a great outing in the first wicket as he remained wicketless in the first innings and this underperformance from Jofra invited a criticising tweet from the former West Indian.

“Honestly why Archer playing before Broad chaaaaa fair is fair tho 🥺🥺,  cause u have Wood bowling 90+ , And he’s bowling the same pace as Broad , I have no problem with Broad being pissed 😤 #EngVsWI ….. that’s not fair at all😒”

Obviously, the tweet didn’t go down well with Jofra Archer as he roared back with a reply. “With all this knowledge how are you not a coach yet?,” tweeted back Archer.

However, Tino was not going to back down as he kept criticising the youngster for his diminishing pace and less effecting bowling since the Ashes. “Don’t address me personally Young man, the fact remains your bowling toothpaste and u haven’t bowled Quickly since ASHES, now go sleep and get some rest for WI to beat ya ball in the second innings bye 👋🏾 Jorfa 🙏🏾 #SleepTight,” hit back Tino Best.

In the next moment, Jofra declared the war as he almost cursed Tino Best to live a miserable life. “You must live a miserable life.” Tino Best, this time backed down as he apologized to the youngster to pacify the situation.

“ I’m gonna stop this back and fourth between u and me young man @JofraArcher , I have pure admiration for u and ppl close to me know that , your friends etc and I aren’t  friends matter a fact they hate me so anytime I write anything About u they screen shot  send u.”

“@JofraArcher and I apologize cause this isn’t the time to be going at each other with the world watching , when I only want to see u bowl frigging wheels and get us all excited again , I stay blessed and to everyone gassing this up chill out ain’t no Beef I just want to see ⛽️⛽️,” tweeted back to back Tino Best.

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