McGlashan’s pro-active thinking and a possible run-out

McGlashan’s pro-active thinking and a possible run-out

McGlashan’s pro-active thinking and a possible run-out(Pic Source: Twitter)

Media has always been one of the most potent weapon’ in the world. Media has the power to dethrone even most powerfuls and can turn an unknown entity into an overnight star. We see many videos doing rounds on social media, with people exploring their interests and sharing it to their community.

Now a day, Social media platforms are in habit of surfacing old videos of brilliant moments to attract users. One such video is doing the rounds in the social media. The video is related to former New Zealand wicket-keeper batsman Peter McGlashan, who is seen affecting a run-out against the normal ways with his proactive thinking.

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This video is taken from a domestic match in New Zealand, video shows McGlashan trying to run-out a batsman at the non-striker’s end with his keeping gloves on. Normally a keeper does not charge at the bowler’s end for collecting a throw but McGlashan charged to the non-striker’s end on watching the batsman pushing hard for a risky second run. And the Wicket-keeper collected the throw much easily with his gloves and tried his best to affect the run-out. However, the batsman had made it in the end.

Remembering the moment McGlashan posted the video on his Twitter handle and captioned the video as, “So glad 2 hv found this, thanks Alex! Can’t understand why more Keepers don’t do it. Much easier 4 me with Keeping Gloves 2 gather throw than bowler as Non-striker sneaks 2nd & gambles on fumble. I’d call “Switch” when I was going so other fielders knew 2 fill gap at Keepers end.”

McGlashan made his T20I debut against Sri Lanka in Wellington in 2006, and went on to represent New Zealand in 11 T20Is and four ODIs before last playing for them in 2010.

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