MS Dhoni did something like that umpire also started laughing

MS Dhoni did something like that umpire also started laughing.

MS Dhoni did something like that umpire also started laughingpic source : twitter)

MS Dhoni’s wicket-keeping skills are awe-inspiring. He does some extraordinary things during the wicket-keeping and when the call on the right DRS, MS Dhoni always takes the right DRS. He also helps bowlers from behind the wickets.

During the India versus Australia match, MS Dhoni again showed his wicket-keeping skills. No one can near at the time who can match with MSD’s wicket-keeping Skills. After a poor form in 2018, he can back in form in 2019 and playing some outstanding innings.

In world cup 2019, he is looking in good touch. MS Dhoni scored 27 runs in just 14 balls against Australia. He may retire after this world cup.

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India’s fielding coach R Sridhar appreciates team India’s fielding effort. He said,

“The mindset of the players combined with the increased levels of fitness, and then we can chip in with the technical aspect of fielding and the awareness and anticipation part. So combining all this definitely helps them improve their fielding skills.”

“I think I’m delighted with the kind of resources I have. We have a terrific slip catcher and a safe catcher in Rohit, and we have two guys, Virat and Jadeja, who are very intimidating to the position. They can intimidate any batsman, and they are prowling in the 30-yard range. To complement that, we have a player in Hardik Pandya, who can help when needed. We are safe catchers,” Indi’s Fielding Coach R Sridhar added.

“The biggest thing that came out to me was the attitude of the fielders, where they put the team ahead of themselves, but these are the qualities which you need when you want to go out and win championships. This came out in the last game (vs Australia), and that was good to see. So I think the biggest challenge is to stay consistent. To me, that is the biggest challenge to reduce the time between the good days and bad days. That is integral.” He said.

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