MS Dhoni might make an international comeback after IPL 2020

MS Dhoni might make an international comeback after IPL 2020

MS Dhoni might make an international comeback after IPL 2020(Pic Source: Twitter)

Former World Cup-winning captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni may not have responded to the Central contract snub but the whole cricket fraternity is busy speculating the return or retirement of the legendary cricketer. MS Dhoni, however, appeared for practice just hours after the snub and made it clear that he has no plans to retire yet. The Ranchi lad trained with Jharkhand Cricket team on Thursday.

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Meanwhile, Times of India also tried to gather some information behind the contract snub and came up with a positive news. A source linked to BCCI said that the contracts were given purely on the technical basis and not on one’s reputation. And Dhoni can still be considered for selection on the basis of his form. The source said, “But that doesn’t mean he won’t be considered for any selection in the future. Then it is up to the selectors and it is up to individual performances. What if he single-handedly takes CSK to victory in IPL? Won’t that matter? People should stop jumping the gun. His absence from the annual retainership doesn’t mean a thing.

The source also cited the example of Harbhajan Singh saying that people must not ask Dhoni to retire form cricket like Harbhajan has not been asked even after almost five years since he represented India Senior. The source added, “Even Harbhajan Singh hasn’t played since 2015-16. He hasn’t announced his retirement either. Nobody wants to ask him why he hasn’t done it. Maybe Dhoni makes a bigger headline and people love headlines. Retirement, be it Dhoni or Harbhajan or any other cricketer, is a very personal decision. Selecting or dropping a player is the selection committee’s decision. Dhoni will not play in the ODIs again. So how can he be part of the central contracts?”

While it will be interesting to see when Dhoni makes himself available for the selection. One thing is sure that he is going to play IPL. And his form in the IPL will more or less decide the future of legendary WK-Batsman.

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