My gut feel is that Dhoni’s India ambitions might be over: Harsha Bhogle

My gut feel is that Dhoni’s India ambitions might be over: Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle (Pic Source: Twitter)

Harsha Bhogle is one of the best cricket analysts of current time. He is an expert in Cricbuzz commentary panel and is highly regarded for his knowledge of the game. Though Bhogle has not played any international or domestic cricket at the highest level, yet his opinion and expertise is beyond questions in cricket fraternity.

With the dilemma over MS Dhoni’s future in Blue Jersey scaling new heights in last few days, Harsha Bhogle has voiced his opinion about MS Dhoni’s way of thinking about his future. Harsha Bhogle has known the veteran wicketkeeper batsman for a long time now. He has also interviewed the legend quite a time in his career. And now, when Dhoni is in twilight of Career, Bhogle has opined out his ‘gut feeling’ about the legends future.

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Speaking to Cricbuzz podcast, Harsha Bhogle said: “My gut feel is that his (Dhoni’s) India ambitions might be over. I don’t think Dhoni would have been looking to September-October for the T20 World Cup. Maybe if he just had a great IPL but my gut feel is that was beyond him.”

Bhogle also remembered the moment that gives him a sense of what he said in the above paragraph.  Remembering a post-match presentation in last year’s IPL, Bhogle said, “I still do believe so that Dhoni desperately turnout for CSK. The reason I think so. Last year towards the end of the IPL, towards the end of the league stage I got an opportunity of doing a couple of postmatch presentations and there was Dhoni and he wasn’t holding back at the presentations which were normally three four minutes but this one seven to nine minutes almost and when Dhoni is in that talkative mode we don’t stop him.

“I asked him what it feels to be called Thalaiva by the CSK fans and what it meant to someone who was always associated to Ranchi to get this love from Chennai and for the first time I saw a little bit of softness behind this facade thattells you nothing,” he added.

“He talked about the great honour of being given this title, he said that when people give you that title how much they love and he said there is a lot of gratitude, I feel so greatly when I am among these fans. I thought there was this slightly softer side of Dhoni and that’s why Dhoni still wants to give back to CSK,” he further added before signing off.

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