New IPL Team with a fixed base price of 1500 Cr

Retain and Release players list of all the IPL teams

IPL trophy (Pic Source : Twitter)

In the AGM conducted by BCCI on 24th December in which it was officially announced that inclusion of two new teams will be only be there in the 15th edition of IPL and tender would be released in April. The main question which arose is that what will be the actual base price for the new team in which BCCI has stated officially that “the base price for the new IPL team will be nothing less than 1500 Cr”.

 “Nothing has been officially discussed about the base price as yet. But during BCCI AGM we discussed the matter informally. Ownership of IPL Team is now very prized asset and we feel the base price for new IPL Team will be nothing less than 1500Cr or probably more”. Quoted by BCCI to Inside Sport.

“IPL GC will decide the base price and tender timelines. In 2018, JSW took 50% of Delhi Capitals at valuation of 1000Cr. We know valuation of team are increasing by every edition. More over new Media Rights Tender is due, it will further enhance the valuation foe teams. So base price of 1500-1600 Cr is not far fetched”.

 The base price of each team evaluated since 2008.

Mumbai Indians- $111.9 Mn

Deccan Chargers- $107 Mn

RCB– $111.6Mn

KXIP– $76Mn

CSK– $91Mn

KKR– $75.09Mn

Delhi Daredevils– $84Mn

Cheapest team was Rajasthan Royals- $67Mn

Now it will be an interesting fact that the upcoming team base price will be how much with al proper evaluation. It is also said that the top contender for the new team is Ahmedabad whereas the second spot for the new team is still in hunt to catch.

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For the second slot the bidding cities are Kochi, Trivandrum, Raipur, Indore, Pune, Lucknow, Pune, Kanpur, Guwahati.

It will be a great conspiracy that after the release of tender who will catch the throne for the team to own the franchise. Big bidders like Gautam Adani, Goenka and Mohanlal will be definitely throw their highest bids to own team.

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