Sachin Tendulkar reveals the regrets of his Cricket Career

Sachin Tendulkar reveals the regrets of his Cricket Career

Sachin Tendulkar (Pic Source: Twitter)

Sachin Tendulkar, also regarded as ‘God of Cricket’, in his 24 years long career, set and broke a number of records. Sachin amassed more than 34,000 runs, hitting as many as 100 centuries in his illustrious career.

Sachin witnessed the rise and fall of great West Indian team, he watched the best of Pakistan (1992) and Sri Lanka (1996) before countering the wrath of the invincible Australian team for almost a decade. Before bidding adieu to the game in 2013, Sachin also got his hands to the marvellous World Cup Trophy in 2011 to fulfil his long standing dream.

However, Human kind is always driven by his desires and the regrets that follow them. And Sachin is also a human ultimately. In an interview to, Sachin Tendulkar also expressed his two unfulfilled desires of his cricketing career.

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Before Master Blaster, India witnessed one more champion in the form of Sunil Gavaskar, the Little Master. Sachin Tendulkar grew up watching the little master and inculcated some of his qualities that could clearly be seen in his batting. But, the Little Master retired from cricket a few years before Sachin made his debut in international cricket. And the dream of playing with his idol is one of the regrets Sachin has.

“I have two regrets. The first is that I have never played with Sunil Gavaskar. Mr Gavaskar was my batting hero when I grew up and not playing with him as part of a team remains a regret. Mr Gavaskar retired a couple of years before I made my debut,” Tendulkar told

Unlike the first one, the second regret would have turned into a joy, had Sachin even played an international match against West Indies’ legendary cricketer Sir Vivian Richards. Sir Richard, though, had retired after a couple of years after Sachin made his international debut. But, Sachin didn’t get to play against him except in county cricket.

“My other regret is not having played against my childhood hero Sir Vivian Richards. I was fortunate to have played against him in county cricket, but I still rue not being able to play against him in an international match. Even though Sir Richards retired in 1991 and we have a couple of years overlapping in our careers, we did not get to play against each other,” he added.

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