Sanjay Manjrekar tries to clear his stance about his 7-year old tweet

Sanjay Manjrekar tries to clear his stance about his 7-year old tweet

Sanjay Manjrekar tries to clear his stance about his 7-year old tweet(Pic Source: Twitter)

Sanjay Manjrekar is the most trolled personality in the cricket world and anyone will hardly doubt this. The former Indian Cricketer and cricket commentator is often slammed over his disputable tweets and absurd opinions.

He was recently slammed by Ravindra Jadeja also for calling the latter a bits and pieces cricketer. This time he has been trolled again for his 7-year old sin (if we can say looking at current scenario).

Back in 2012, when Virat Kohli was struggling to fit into the test arena after and was in a little bit wilderness regarding his test future for the last time. Sanjay Manjrekar, after the second test match in Australia, posted a very critical tweet on Virat Kohli, “I would still drop VVS & get Rohit in for the next test. Makes long term sense. give Virat 1 more test. just to be sure he does not belong here.”

This tweet was little bit relevant at that time as Kohli managed to score only 11,0,23,9 run in the four innings he played. But it did not take much long for Kohli to prove him wrong. As in the next match he scored 44 runs and 75 runsbefore making a century in the final test of the series. Although India lost the series by 4-0, Kohli was the only batsman from Indian Team to score a century in the series.

And now at present, Kohli is considered as best batsman in the modern cricket. He not only proved himself but also made India No. 1 in the test ranking after taking over captaincy from Dhoni. India won its first ever test Series in Australia in 71 years.

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Sanjay Manjrekar tried to clear his intensions behind the tweet after 7 years.While defending his tweet, he posted on social media, “Very proud of that tweet. In his 1st year in Tests, after scores of 11,0,23,9 in Aus, I remember, fans/media saying Virat does not belong here & had his neck on the chopping block for the next Test. I said give him 1 more Test to be sure. Glad Dhoni & me were on the same page.”

There is no way, Dhoni would agree with Manjrekar over this tweet. However, Sanjay Manjrekar can breathe easy for the time he is trolled again over this tweet as fans will always troll him till Kohli stays in international arena.

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