Selection meetings should be Telecasted Live: Manoj Tiwary opens up a debate

Selection meetings should be Telecasted Live: Manoj Tiwary opens up a debate

Selection meetings should be Telecasted Live: Manoj Tiwary opens up a debate(Pic Source: Twitter)

Manoj Tiwary, former Indian middle-order batsman, is one of many players, who never got a long run in the international team to excel at the top most level. Tiwary also non as ‘Chhota Dada’ in domestic circuit debuted back in 2008 for Team India. But due to some patchy form and non-regular selections could not seal permanent spot in Indian team.

Now, at the fag end of his career, the 34-year old has come up with a debatable thought on the international team selection meetings. Manoj Tiwary has opined that the selector’s meeting should be telecasted live in order to bring more transparency in selections. So far, the meetings have been organised behind closed doors, with a representative providing all the briefings in the press release post the meeting.

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According to Tiwary, an open meeting will also save the selectors from the unnecessary blame as the particular will get the minute details of the grounds he was selected or rejected. Speaking over the issue, the ‘Chhota Dada’ opined, “Team selections should be aired live, so that everyone can see which selector is taking which player’s name on which grounds. It will help us assess if the selection is fair or not. Normally, what happens is that when we players ask the selectors about why we were ignored, they tend to blame each other for it. So, to make things clear, it’s necessary that the selection meeting is telecast live,” in an Instagram chat with ABP live, as reported by Times of India.

On the session, Manoj Tiwary also had some advice for the IPL franchises as he pointed out one of the real concerns in IPL as of now. With only four foreign player allowed to include in the playing XI, the franchise prefer to stack up the top order with foreign players. This trend has not only forced the Indian top order players to bat in the middle or lower middle order but also has given foreign players an added advantage of getting used to the subcontinental conditions.

“The Indian batsmen need to bat in the top order in the IPL. I’m not against foreign players, but some of them aren’t used to our pitches, take the opening slot and do well. They get used to playing in the Indian conditions. If you notice, due to the IPL, most of them have become so good against spin, which they couldn’t tackle earlier, that it becomes difficult to dismiss them in the ICC tournaments,”

“We need to think about it, and it should be planned accordingly. Every team has four overseas players who’re all generally experienced. Even if they come down the order, they can handle that pressure. Ultimately, you’ve to provide the Indian players better opportunities to excel at the top,” Tiwary explained.

“Right now, very few teams play the Indian batsmen in the top four in the IPL. Most of the teams have foreigners in the top order, and they’re getting used to our conditions, our bowlers, and our spin. They then utilize that experience to play us well in the ICC tournaments,” added Tiwary.

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