Smith lauds Kohli for the chasing record Virat has in white-ball cricket

Smith lauds Kohli for the chasing record Virat has in white-ball cricket

Smith lauds Kohli for the chasing record Virat has in white-ball cricket (Pic Source: Twitter)

Cricket is called ‘Gentlemen’s Game’ and it has truly been. In Cricket, the fierce competitors on the field can be seen sharing some immortal bonds off the field. While they stand neck and neck on the field, they equally laud each other’s efforts and accomplishments off the field.

Virat Kohli and Steve Smith have formed one such bond over a last couple of years. Virat and Smith, the top two batsmen in World right now, share high mutual respect irrespective of the comparison ‘the Fab Four’ term often brings on the table.

While there are no set criteria to decide one’s ‘Fab Four’, for a long time, Cricket pundits and fans has included Indian captain Virat Kohli, New Zealand captain Williamson, Australia’s star batsman Steve Smith and England Test captain Joe Root as the Fab-Four of modern era.

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However, time and again, these four have lauded each other for one-another’s accomplishments, like Indian skipper Virat had urged the crowd to clap for Smith during the India-Australia clash in World Cup 2019.

Now, in an interview with Sony Ten, Smith has lauded Virat for the latter’s fitness and sheer passion for the game. “I admire Virat (Kohli) a lot, he is an amazing player. You look at his record now… simply incredible. He has done so much for India in cricket. You know the way they play the game now and the sheer passion he has got for Indian cricket. His willingness to improve and get better. His body seems to have transformed over time and he looks so fit and powerful.”

Smith also lavished praises for the outstanding record Virat has while chasing in white-ball cricket. Virat, also known as the chase master, averages a stunning 68.33 in 134 innings. Virat has made 7039 runs, hitting 26 centuries, during chases in ODI cricket. “The one thing I admire about him is the way he chases in white-ball cricket. You look at his average in winning chases in ODIs and it is simply phenomenal,” Steve Smith said.

India and Australia are to play a full series down-under right after the proposed T20 World Cup. Smith also talked about the challenges that strong Indian batting line-up will throw at them along with a deadly bowling attack in Test Cricket. “Plenty of challenges I think because India are an incredible team. Their batting line-up is so strong. Virat… (Cheteshwar) Pujara last time here was immovable… (Ajinkya) Rahane a quality Test player. Then they have got KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma. They have got batters everywhere.

“They have got a great batting line-up to go with a strong bowling line-up. They have got (Mohammad) Shami and (Jasprit) Bumrah…Ishant Sharma has been here plenty of times as well. So a well-rounded team and it is going to be a terrific series this summer that’s for sure,” Steve Smith further added.

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