South Africa becomes the second team to knock out from world cup 2019

South Africa becomes the second team to knock out from world cup 2019

South Africa becomes the second team to knock out from world cup 2019(pic source : Twitter)

Yesterday South Africa lost the match against Pakistan. With this lost, they are eliminated from world cup 2019. Afghanistan team already knocked out from the CWC 2019. South Africa does not find any winning momentum in this world cup.

After eliminating from World cup 2019, South African skipper Faf Du Plessis said,

“We are not playing great cricket. We’ didn’t bowl well. I have been good with the ball this tournament, but we started poorly today. 300 plus on that target was 20-25 more on that track. Made the same mistakes with the bat. Guys are getting in and getting out. Not spin. Not spinners in particular. We needed a good start. We’ haven’t had that. As we are building partnerships, we have been losing wickets.’  That’s the nature of our tournament. Not against spin. It has been a case of confidence.’  We’re working hard, putting in the practice. But confidence in sport is an amazing thing. When you are playing well, the ball just falls in your court.”

“When you are playing against a quality team like Pakistan, they get a wicket they will put you under pressure. Imran has been amazing. To acknowledge him, he has been exceptional right through this tournament and has played with a lot of heart. He has led our attack and has been consistent in every game. But there’ haven’t been enough guys like Imran standing up and that is why we are finding ourselves in a position that we are in. The biggest downside at the moment is we’  haven’t been able to do justice to ourselves as a team.’  Haven’t played the cricket’ we’re capable of. For me, the biggest disappointment has been we have been letting ourselves down with the skill’ that’s sitting in the dressing room.”

South Africa in World Cups

1992: Semifinal

1996: Quarterfinal

1999: Semifinal

2003: Group stage

2007: Semifinal

2011: Quarterfinal

2015: Semifinal

2019: Group stage

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