Sri Lanka Cricket Board plans to stage inaugural edition of LPL 2020

Sri Lanka Cricket Board plans to stage inaugural edition of LPL 2020

Sri Lanka Cricket Board plans to stage inaugural edition of LPL 2020 (Pic Source: Twitter)

As Cricket gears up to blossom again finally after 4 months, the Sri Lankan Cricket Board is looking to organise inaugural edition of the Lankan Premier League 2020. With the franchise gaining popularity across the globe in last decade, it is an opportune time for Sri Lanka cricket to start its own league at a time when people are starving for Cricket.

Almost all major Cricket playing nations have their own league Cricket tournaments with Indian Premier League and Big-Bash Premier League leading the charts.  In recent times also, SLC has tried to host such kind of a tournament but Sri Lanka being a small a nation couldn’t do so successfully. The board had once tried to set up a league in 2012 but due to low crowds and less fan following globally the tournament did not prove beneficial for SLC.

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries which has managed to subside Covid-19 virus better than other countries. And according to espncricinfo, the Sri Lanka cricket to planning to get underway the tournament in August 2020.

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As per reports, the SLC CEO Ashley de Silva has also written to other boards asking about the availability of foreign players and feasibility of the tournament. Reportedly, the SLC has also approached foreign players for the same, however, an official announcement is still awaited.

“SLC CEO Ashley de Silva is understood to have written to other boards about the prospect of a Lankan Premier League (LPL), while foreign players have also been approached,” ESPNCricinfo reported.

Though the plans for the tournament are in the offing, the tournament may be a five team affair lasting over three weeks.  “Tournament planning, though, remains in its very preliminary stages, with no official announcement having yet come from the board. At present, SLC is working on the theory that LPL may feature five teams and could last a little over three weeks,” the report said.

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