Steve Smith started dancing on the crease to troll England team

Steve Smith started dancing on the crease to troll England team

Steve Smith started dancing on the crease to troll England team (Pic Source : Twitter)

Australia have inched closer to retain the Ashes title. England need 365 more runs to win the fourth Ashes test while Australia need eight wickets to win the test. Steve Smith has scored a brilliant double century in the first inning and in the second inning; he has scored a half-century. Smith has scored 671 runs at an average of 134.20 in the ongoing Ashes series. Steve Smith becomes the nightmare for the England team.

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Yesterday, When Steve Smith was batting, Stuart broad bowled a delivery, and he epically left the balls and started dancing on the crease to troll England team.

Here the Video

Ricky Pointing about World number one bowler Pat Cummins

“I think he bowled seven overs straight after Tea and I think that was as good fast bowling as you’ll ever see. There is very little in the pitch, and it was an old ball as well. He was bowling into the cross-breeze but still got the ball to swing away against the breeze. You know Joe Root is one of the best players in the world and Cummins had him on a toast there for 6-7 overs. He built all sorts of pressure on a good batting pitch,” Ponting told after the end of play on Day 3.

“That’s a good question. There’s a little bit of Dale Steyn in him actually the way that he bowls. You just know that that effort is always going to be there. Similar sort of action and he can get the ball to shape away. Obviously, he (Cummins) is a bit taller and gets a bit more bounce than Steyn, but you just know that they are at you the whole time. There is nowhere to hide. When you’re on strike to guys like that, you know you’ve to be at your absolute best, and your sharpest or they will knock you over,” Ponting said.

“He’s a machine really. He had all that bad (luck) with injury through his teens, early 20s and then he’s come out the other side. He’s always been a great athlete, I guess it was just a matter of time before that body hardened up and his bones hardened up.

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