“The moment it lights up, that’s it, you’re out”: Aakash Chopra opines on the Zing Bails issue

“The moment it lights up, that’s it, you’re out”: Aakash Chopra opines on the Zing Bails issue

AAKASH Chopra (pic Source: Twitter)

Zing Bails and their refusal to fall off the stumps is not a new thing in cricket world now a day. Since the introduction of Zing Bails back in 2012 there have been many instances when Zing Bails just denied falling off the stump even after an impactful strike by ball onto the stumps. In the world cups also we have seen many instances when the Zing ball went off-grove for a moment before settling down back to their initial position.

Many teams and bowlers have been denied a wicket at crucial junctures of the game. For a bowler to get a wicket the bails must fall of the stumps after being struck by the ball. The Bails contain a microprocessor that sends a signal when both of its spigots are off their grooves and this leads to the blink of the LED lights. The accuracy of Microprocessor is such that it can blink even for the one-thousandth part of a second.

Recently, former India international Aakash Chopra, in a Twitter Q&A, gave his opinion on the issue. Chopra also gave an example of Jofra Archer’s delivery to MS Dhoni that lit the bails but failed to took them off from their groove. Aakash Chopra believes that that batsman should be given out as soon as the Zing Bails light up even for a fraction of time.

“The moment you see the light come on, give him out. Because what is happening now is… these zing bails are very heavy and they don’t come off very easily. In fact, I remember… I think it was a Jofra (Archer) delivery and the bails did not come off completely from the grooves. And you survive. How can this be the case? It’s just not done. So the moment it lights up, that’s it, you’re out,” Aakash Chopra opined in his tweet.

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In the session, Chopra was asked many a question from the fans. One of the fans asked the commentator about the possible changes in commentary world post-coronavirus pandemic.

FYI, commentators generally use shared lip-mics in the commentary box. And in prevailing situations, the mic can turn out to be the serious transporter of the deadly pandemic. However, Chopra believes that the things will change post-pandemic for better only. Furthermore, Chopra also talked about the several restrictions imposed on travel and asserted that these restrictions should be always adhered to.

“A lot is going to change, in fact, when we talk about commentators. We all share the lip-mic, so that cannot be an acceptable practice after what we are going through. So that should change. If you don’t have to travel, then don’t travel. Restrictions on travel should always be adhered to. The way we actually have covered the sport has to change, at least till we go the distance, till we have the vaccine,” opined Chopra.

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