This will be my last season for Tallawahs in CPL – Andre Russell

This will be my last season for Tallawahs in CPL – Andre Russell

Andre Russell (Pic Source: Twitter)

Andre Russell, the fast-bowling all-rounder from West-Indies, has made it clear that CPL 2020 will be his last season with Jamaica Tallawahs. After a series of unfortunate events and differences with the co-staff and franchise owners, Russell has lashed out at the franchise for its utterly unprofessional and wired attitude towards the work culture.

Andre Russell signed by a three-year deal with the franchise back in 2018. The all-rounder was also handed the captaincy of the franchise at the same time. Russell also played a vital role in 2018 for the franchise.

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However, the lack of communication between captain and management, and the unprofessional attitude of support staff towards dealing the issues like team recommendation draft, kept growing with time. Finally, Russell took to Instagram and lashed out at the franchise: “I am a guy who plays to win. I’ve won thirteen (T20) championships,” said an utterly disappointed Russell. “If I’m picking a friend, I believe in that friend. But the way the Tallawahs went about things; I was trying to reach them on the day of the draft: no reply.”

In the meantime, Andre Russell also went through a lean patch in 2019. Russell could only muster 99 runs and 6 wickets in 5 matches in an injury riddled season and the things kept going tangent to the all-rounder. “This year was way different. This is the weirdest franchise I’ve ever played in. And by weird, I mean the people who are supposed to reach out to you. I’m not just a normal player in the Tallawahs team. I was once the leader.

“I felt like a first-class player that just made his debut one game ago. ‘Your opinion is not valuable’. That’s how I was treated. Even when I ask questions: ‘who you guys planning on retaining? Who are you guys planning on buying’? I don’t get any answers. So, I just leave it.”

Recently, Chris Gayle has also lashed out at the franchise after he was not retained for upcoming season. The whole story behind Gayle’s ouster also seems to be concocted to portray Andre Russell as the culprit.

“No one says anything to Chris. No one says anything to me. He doesn’t want to have me as the captain because he wants to have someone he can actually talk to. Rovman Powell and Reifer have a good relationship and I respect that, but now it looks like me, Rovman, Floyd Reifer plan up, and I get rid of Chris. Why would I get rid of Chris? Chris has a three-year contract with Tallawahs. You’re not supposed to breach a contract,” clarified Russell.

Now, after all those unfortunate events, the all-rounder is firm on his stance of leaving the franchise in the next season. “If I wasn’t Tallawahs’ first choice to be the captain, don’t come and offer me the captaincy again. I’m not going to accept it. This might be my last season for Jamaica Tallawahs. I’m just clearing the air,” said Russell. “I have another year’s contract with the Tallawahs. I’m going to play and try to win because that’s all I play for, but this will be my last, because I’ve been getting mixed up with all this s**t that is happening, and I can’t be playing cricket where I’m not comfortable.”

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