ICC Test Ranking: Virat Kohli close to Steven Smith for the No.1 rank: Exclusion of Jasprit Bumrah from the Top-10 list

ICC Test Ranking: Virat Kohli close to Steven Smith for the No.1 rank: Exclusion of Jasprit Bumrah from the Top-10 list.

Steven Smith Virat kohli (Pic Source : Twitter)

India may be not in the right condition to think off for some better prospects, all they can do is just work on the process and built better enthusiasm for the next game. With the absence of skipper, they will be in some trouble but they have to fight without him.

Virat Kohli has always been the crucial and core part of the Indian Cricket Team. The way he delivers his inning is always been commendable. The same way he did on the opening test match against Adelaide where he scored 74 runs in that Australian soil where runs weren’t coming. With this score, Virat Kohli has now came closer to Steven Smith in the Test ranking.

He is just 13 points behind Smith in the Test spot.  Right now, Steven Smith is at 901 points in the ICC test rankings whereas Virat Kohli is just behind with some close points of 888 points.

In the opening test match, Steven Smith has only scored 1&1* while Kohli has 74&4 respectively.

On with the absence of indian skipper, there is chance of Smith to regain the points and make more difference in the points to claim the first spot with ease and accuracy.

With Kohli gaining the points, players like Jasprit Bumrah, Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara go down in the list. Rahane is now on the 11th rank whereas Pujara is on 8th rank respectively.


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Bumrah is out of the top-10 list of test bowlers due to his bad performance from the first test as he claims only 2 wickets. Ravichandran Ashwin came to 9th spot with 777 points whereas Pat Cummins again dominating the every side and attains on No.1 spot with 910 points.


With tremendous bowling performance by Josh Hazlewood also made him to find his place in the top-5. Stuart Broad is at the second place just 65 points behind Australian speedster Pat Cummins.

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