Virat Kohli is in trouble for ‘Conflict Of Interest’

Virat Kohli is in trouble for ‘Conflict Of Interest’

Virat Kohli is in trouble for ‘Conflict Of Interest’ (Pic Source: Twitter)

Indian captain Virat Kohli is in trouble because of a serious complain of Conflict Of Interest by Sanjeev Gupta in a mail to Ethics Officer D.K. Jain.

In a mail, accessed by IANS, Gupta has spoken about Kohli’s business ventures and said that it comes across that it is in violation of the Lodha Panel recommendations that were approved by the Supreme Court while the new BCCI Constitution was registered.

“Virat Kohli is occupying two posts at a time in blatant violation to BCCI Rule 38(4) approved by Supreme Court Of India , As such, he must relinquish his one post at once in compliance, his two posts are covered as under – A – 38(4)(a) – Player. B – 38(4)( o ) – Contractual Entity , to be read with BCCI Rule 38(1) (iii).

“I humbly solicit Learned Ethics Officer to forthwith pass the order directing Virat Kohli to give away one of his post , at once, in compliance to BCCI Constitution dated 21.08.18 Rule Number 38(4) (Approved by Apex Court ) .

“My sole pure intent behind filing each & every precise/factual complaint is for 100 % compliance of Lodha Reforms & Supreme Court approved BCCI Constitution without any personal agenda & without any vested interest . I am least bothered about the persona/aura of the individual, as I am only bothered for 100 % compliance. No individual, how Rich / Big / Influential / Powerful one is, can never be above the law of the Land. “The Supreme Court” verdict , every body has to Respect , Accept & 100 % comply forthwith & fall in line.

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“Nothing to attain & nothing of mine at stake, it is Supreme Court verdicts sanctity & compliance at stake for which I am all alone combating day in & day out for last 4 years & will continue to do so till my mind & body will support said noble cause/intent without any fear / favour / influence / assistance / influence , I have not & will not leave any stone unturned for the same,” he wrote.

Gupta in his mail has mentioned the Indian captain’s involvement with VIRAT KOHLI SPORTS LLP company which has two Directors/Owners namely Virat Kohli & Amit Arun Sajdeh. And CORNERSTONE VENTURE PARTNERS LLP which has three Directors/Owners namely Virat Kohli, Amit Arun Sajdeh and Binoy Bharat Khimji.

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