“What did you say to me last night …” asks Chahal to Guptill

“What did you say to me last night …” asks Chahal to Guptill

“What did you say to me last night …” asks Chahal to Guptill (Pic Source: Twitter)

Chahal TV” has almost become a trend. After the match, the leg spinner talks with one or two players including his team mates also. After the second T20I between Indian and New Zealand at Aukland, Yuzi had Martin Guptill and Rohit Sharma for interview. Both Martin Guptill and Rohit Sharma were chatting when Yuzvendra approached them for the interview. But he fell victim of one of the most brutal banters by Martin Guptill.

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The scene panned out as Yuzvendra Chahal took the mike from Jatin Sapru and tried to enter the conversation between Rohit and Guptil. Chahal started with: What’s up boys, Martin Guptil, unaware of the mic, replied: Hi G**du! and all this slur got recorded on the camera. Rohit Sharma went laughing his lungs out and the video clip soon started trending over the social media. However, all this was a light hearted banter among friendly foes as Guptil immediately hugged Chahal after the slur.

After the Third T20I at Seddon Park, Hamilton, Chahal TV was again ‘on’. This time Yuzi tried to troll Guptil by questioning him about the words he told after the previous match. Chahal tried to ask Guptil by questioning him. Chahalasked- “What did you say to me last night …”. The New Zealand opener quick to reply and said, “What do you want to say?” before trolling back Chahalbrutally in the next line.

Chahal shared the video of the conversation on the internet also:

If we talk about Yuzvendra, he is the master of his craft and has always been a very funny character off and on the field. He often indulges in funny banters and trolls his friend for amusement at the same time outclassing even the best of the batsmen with his leg spin. The Indian leg-spinner mock interviews cricketers after the match on his “Chahal TV” doing fun chatting with the players about their performances.

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