Yohan Blake- World’s Second Fastest Man Wants to Represent KKR or RCB?

Yohan Blake- World’s Second Fastest Man Wants to Represent KKR or RCB?

Yohan Blake- World’s Second Fastest Man Wants to Represent KKR or RCB?(Pic Source:CRICTRACKER)

IPL and its glory is just unimaginable to match not only for other cricketing tournaments but for some other sports also. IPL lures players from all across the world even the players from other sports dream of playing in IPL. The competition and intensity of IPL is such that not only spectators but also players crave for getting a single moment of the limelight provided by the marquee event.

But, Indian Premier League is not all about India, it gets its heartbeats from the spectators, its brains from Dhonis and Sharmas, its glitz from Pollard and Pandyas, its insanity from Lynns and Russels and all these things together produce world’s biggest cricket carnival i.e. Indian Premier League.

Jamaicans have always been assets for their Franchise whether we talk about Gayle or Russell. And here we have yet another Jamaican who wishes to play in the marquee event.

Yohan Blake, second fastest man in the world after Usain Bolt, who is in India to promote the Road Safety World Series — a T20 series which is being played by the former greats of the game from five countries, India, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. Series will feature players like Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehwag, Johnty Rhodes and others.

Yohan Blake wishes to play for Kolkata Knight Riders or Royal Challengers Bangalore which have been home for two fellow Jamaicans Chris Gayle (not now) and Andre Russell.

Yohan Blake –the 29-year old athlete -who is currently gearing up for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 said that after the two years he has left on the track he wishes to play franchise cricket but not so keen on representing West Indies in cricket.

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He added, “I’m sad that I didn’t get to play cricket professionally at a young age. But to be the fastest man in the world currently and the second fastest man in the universe ever, that’s something you can’t…it’s not easy. Cricket is basically all about form and batting. But running is all about speed, genetics… and speed.”

He also revealed he had received an offer to represent Jamaica Tallawahs in Caribbean Premier League but he refused to play for them citing the reason of lack of timing for the training for the World Championships [Doha], the Tokyo Olympics and the upcoming World Championships [March 2020 in Nanjing, China].

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