Yuvraj Singh defends Rishabh Pant after Kevin Petersen slams him

Yuvraj Singh  Kevin Petersen

Yuvraj Singh defends Rishabh Pant after Kevin Petersen slams him(pic source : Twitter)

Yuvraj Singh comes up with the support of Rishabh pant after Kevin Petersen slams him. Yesterday, Rishabh pant was playing good, but he got out to play an irresponsible shot. After that, Kevin Petersen slammed him and said, “How many times have we seen @RishabPant777 do that?  The very reason he wasn’t picked initially! Pathetic!”

After that Yuvraj Singh Defends Rishsbah pant and gives reply to Kevin Petersen, “He’s played 8 Odis! It’s not his fault he will learn and get better; it’s not pathetic at all! However, we all are entitled to share our opinions” after this, Kevin Pietersen clarifies his tweet and writes; “My criticism comes out of frustration because of how good he is, mate. He does it sooooo many times! Let’s hope he learns FAST!”

Here the Tweet of Yuvraj Singh and Kevin Petersen


After the match, in the press conference, Virat Kohli on Rishabh Pant,

“He (Pant) is an instinctive player and did well to overcome that situation and string a partnership with Hardik (Pandya). I think the way they played after the loss of three wickets, four wickets rather, was quite commendable. I am sure he will reflect on it and he will come out stronger.

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“He’s still young. I made many errors when I was young in my career and he will learn. He will look back and think yes, he could have chosen a different option in that situation and he realises that already,” Kohli defended Pant.

“So all these guys have a lot of pride and passion to play for their country and they are the ones who feel the most disappointed when a mistake happens. From the outside, it looks like it was an error but the person who makes it trust me, they are the ones who suffer the most with it,” Virat Kohli added.

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