Zing Bails again refused to fall now in a BBL encounter

Zing Bails again refused to fall now in a BBL encounter

Zing Bails again refused to fall now in a BBL encounter(Pic Source: Twitter/BBL

Zing Bails and their refusal to fall off the stumps is not a new thing in cricket world now a day. Since the introduction of Zing Bails back in 2012 there have been many instances when Zing Bails just denied falling off the stump even after an impactful strike by ball onto the stumps.

For a bowler to get a wicket the bails must fall of the stumps after being struck by the ball.  Zings bails were approved by the ICC in 2012. ICC introduced the Zing bails in the Cricket World Cup four years ago. The Bails contain a microprocessor that sends a signal when both of its spigots are off their grooves and this leads to the blink of the LED lights. The accuracy of Microprocessor is such that it can blink even for the one-thousandth part of a second.

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Many teams and bowlers have been denied a wicket at crucial junctures of the game. In the world cups also we have seen many instances when the Zing ball went off-grove for a moment before settling down back to their initial position.

Latest moment came in the 18th match of Big Bash League this season, which was being played between Brisbane Heat and Perth Scorchers at Carrara Oval in Queensland.

In the second innings of the game, When Matt Kelly bowled Heat’s tailender Zahir Khan in the 17th over, the bails didn’t fall off despite the light flashing on the right bail. This incident again shocked everyone as commentators also cursed the Zing Bails to deny Matt a wicket.

However, thankfully, in this case the incident does not change the outcome of the match as Brisbane Heat went on to lose the match by a huge margin of 40 runs. They were given a modest target of 150 runs by the Perth Scorchers but their chase never got going as they succumbed to 109 all out even not playing out their full quota of overs.

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