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IPL 2021: First seven day stretch of Spring vital for BCCI, 3 critical choices to be taken at IPL GC


IPL 2021 Scene , Dates and Timetable: The Leading body of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is running against an opportunity to conclude the destiny of the Indian Head Association. Furthermore, with the ascent in Coronavirus cases, they will presently need to move quickly and give IPL Establishments, Patrons and telecasters a guide for Indian Premier League 2021. It is as a rule dependably discovered that IPL Administering Chamber (IPL GC) meeting will be planned for first seven day stretch of Spring to choose all issue forthcoming identified with IPL 2021.

In the followingIndian Premier League Overseeing committee meeting, the leaders will have three unavoidable issues opportune IPL 2021 they need to discover a response to –

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Choice 1 – Where will be held?

BCCI are in an impasse circumstance whether the cricketing party ought to be held in India or in UAE. With the expansion in Coronavirus cases in certain pieces of the country, there have been calls of moving the group to UAE for the successive year.

BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhumal said the Indian cricket board is still monitoring the situation. “We are still in a dicey situation due to the increase in COVID-19 cases,” he told InsideSport.

Decision 2 – When will the IPL 2021 begin?

Though it is being speculated that Indian Premier League 2021 will start from April 11th, the Indian cricket board is yet to officially announce the dates for the 14th edition. BCCI will take the final call, says Dhumal, on the matter after the Test series between India and England which ends on March 8.

“We will finalise the dates after India vs England test series, currently we don’t have definite answers,” Dhumal said.

Decision 3 – IPL 2021 schedule and fixtures?

According to the information available with, the IPL 2021 broadcasters have requested BCCI to finalize the full schedule and fixtures at least 1 month in advance. According to the broadcaster they have to make necessary arrangements for Indian Premier League 2021 so the final schedules are requested at least 30 days before the 1st bowl is bowled in IPL 2021.

“The broadcaster will need at least a month’s time to make preparations for its execution and also sell inventory. Hence a decision on the same must be taken soon,” a source in the know-how said.



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