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4 players who favoured franchise cricket teams rather than their national side


It is sometimes unusual to see that some players keep their franchise Cricket team ahead of the national side which can be termed as an unexpected call.

There are some players who kept it around for a long time

1] Mitchell McClenaghan

Mitchell McClenaghan is one of the star players seen across many T20 leagues at global level. He is considered to be an aggressive bowler with strong pace. He was last seen in the national side in 2016, whether it be a T20Is or an ODIs. He made his international debut for New Zealand team in 2012 and with this prominent and promising performance he climbed to the height and recognised as a good T20 bowler

After getting involved in the multiple T20 leagues at global level McClenaghan was snubbed from the national contract of New Zealand in 2017. Due to his irregularities towards the national side, he couldn’t make up into the any format at international level of national side.

2] Rohit Sharma

A surprising name on the list is none other than the vice captain of Indian national team Rohit Sharma. This all came up in IPL2020 where he missed some of the matches due to the hamstring injury and for that case he was even excluded from the team. With being injured also Rohit came to lead the team in playoffs and final which made him for the re consideration in the Australian tour also. Now he is at NCA undergoing rehabilitation procedure which made him to the miss the first two tests. It is considered that if Rohit pulled out his name from IPL 2020 by having injury then he could easily gets time for getting fit and making himself available for the Australian tour.

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3]  Andre Russell

One of the most dangerous hitter in the cricketing stage, that is none other than West Indies Andre Russell. The all rounder is one of that player who always impressed everyone with his glorious performances but the fact is that he always remained unstable due to his injuries.

Because of his constant appearance in the franchise cricket tournament made him unavailable for the national side which unfortunately made him snubbed from the national team. In the present time he had done the same by choosing Global T20 Canada over West Indies tournament of India by giving reason for unfitness.

4] Chris Gayle

There is no cricketer like Chris Gayle in the international format. He is considered as the Universe Boss for his ruthless hitting all over the sides. He has a unbreakable record of 13,000 runs in the T20 format. However it was often seen that the Universe Boss chose franchises league over national side which made him snubbed from the West Indies Team. Due to this call from Gayle made him source of player who choses global leagues than the national games.



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