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IPL 2022: 5 Different Venues in the radar where tournament to be hosted


With the ascent in the quantity of Coronavirus cases expanding dramatically each day in the country, the BCCI has a few difficult choices in their grasp to pick the setting for the impending IPL 2022.

Yet, the BCCI is never shy of choices to have the money rich association. It has 5 distinct choices for scenes as of now before the cricketing leading group of the country. It is not yet clear with respect to what the BCCI chooses. 

There have even been a couple of choices of facilitating the fifteenth version of the IPL in 3 diverse outside countries.

Upwards of 2,71,202 new Covid cases have been accounted for in the country as of now, indicating that conventions like absolute lockdown during this third wave may be up and coming. 

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Given the grave state of Covid cases in the country, the BCCI should make a few viable strides for the smooth, appropriate, safe, and secure working of the IPL 2022.

5 Different Venues in the list where the mega tournament to be conducted 

  • Assuming that things enhance Covid-19 front whole IPL will be facilitated in India on same HOME and AWAY rule/each of the 10 establishment urban communities will be utilised
  • In the event that Covid circumstance gets worse – IPL can happen just in Maharashtra/Mumbai and Pune will have the whole IPL
  • IPL goes to UAE the manner in which it was done in IPL 2020 and IPL 2021 – at 3 scenes i.e Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah
  • IPL Moves to South Africa as players have shown interest to play in the African mainland. It had facilitated the primary leg of the competition in 2009 because of general races.
  • Sri Lanka has tossed their cap in the ring to have IPL in Colombo


The main choice for the BCCI is to direct the IPL 2022 in India. In any case, this is enormously dependent on the Covid front. Assuming there is a decline in the quantity of cases, and the spread of the new variation is widely contained then the BCCI can hope to proceed with the IPL 2022 in its unique configuration. 

This incorporates both the home and away apparatuses to happen on the grounds of the 10 distinctive establishment urban areas that will be participating in this impending competition.


The following choice depends on whether the Covid cases are not held back viably. In such a situation the BCCI may have a choice of leading the IPL 2022 in India, notwithstanding, the whole competition would consequently be booked to occur in the territory of Maharashtra, with Mumbai and Pune being the two urban communities that would have this chief competition.


The third choice open for the central leading group of Cricket for the Nation is to direct the IPL 2022 on unfamiliar soil. Furthermore, all things considered, the main choice which is open for BCCI is to lead the competition in UAE. 

Already UAE has facilitated this competition threefold. Complete just as halfway releases of IPL 2020 and 2021 were directed here alongside certain apparatuses of the seventh version of the competition in 2014 when a few installations were moved attributable to the then continuous decisions in the country. 

Like the past two versions, whenever facilitated in UAE, the competition would be led in the three notable arenas of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.


With the Indian National group finishing up their 3 match test series away in South Africa, the BCCI should think about facilitating the IPL 2022 on African soil. The second release of IPL in 2009 was led in South Africa beforehand. 

South Africa has opened up to be another spot after the BCCI got positive criticisms from the players in view of the bio-bubble highlights and other important defensive standards that were led during India’s visit through South Africa.


The fifth choice for BCCI is to have IPL 2022 in the adjoining nation of Sri-Lanka. The island country of Sri-Lanka has joined the fight to have this chief competition in its capital city of Colombo.

Mohan de Silva, the secretary of the SLC let Crickbuzz quoted that-

“We have seen reports and we will be happy to host the IPL in Sri Lanka. We will initiate talks with the BCCI regarding this soon.” 

It is not yet clear what the BCCI selects to look over these five accessible choices. Assuming the Covid cases stay under a check, the famous IPL fleeting trend would undoubtedly occur in India. 

If not, plan B for BCCI is to have the IPL 2022 on unfamiliar soil. The IPL 2022 is probably booked to begin from second April 2022 and proceed till third June 2022.



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