Sunday, August 14, 2022

A hilarious mix-up between batting partners leads to a funny run-out


The most frustrating way to get out in cricket is run-out. No one wants to get out via run-out. But many players are getting out throw run-out. In a video of Village cricket, the batsman was confused about whether to go for a run or not, in that confusion, he got run-out.

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Both the batsman was thought to take run many times but not sure that can cost them from a wicket. Umpire gave him out without going upwards.

Here the Video of Run-out

Ricky Ponting Backs Steve Smith’s Captaincy Return

“When Steve Smith’s ban is up, will he go straight back into the captaincy or will he not?” Ponting asked, calling it a “million-dollar question” in an interview to 7NEWS on Monday.

“To be honest, I think it’s up to Tim how long he plays. He’s the best keeper in the world. If he takes some of his Shield forms into Test cricket in the summer and makes many runs I think he can play for a few more years yet,” he added.

“Whether that’s as captain or not that’s up to the hierarchy at Cricket Australia to make that decision. I’ve been on record already – when Tim’s time is up I’d like to see Steve Smith have another go.

Jonny Bairstow fools Steve Smith by fake fielding

“I think he probably feels like there’s unfinished business there as far as his captaincy’s concerned. He’s got to want to do it, and obviously then the authorities have to say yes or no,” Ponting added.

“I’m enjoying having the job at the moment… and I certainly hope Steve Smith does captain Australia again one day, and if he does, I’ll be fully supportive of it,” Australian test captain Tim Paine told the Daily Telegraph.



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